IoT & Devices

Up until 2008, people connecting to the Internet outnumbered objects doing the same. Internet connected smartphones were by no means ubiquitous, and many homes relied on a shared Desktop computer as their primary Internet connected device. But suddenly, this changed. Our phones became smarter. Our televisions became SmartTVs.  We ordered Alexa, Google, Siri to switch on our light bulbs, drop the temperature in the house and stream music from our network-connected speakers. In 2020, Internet Connected Devices in the home far outnumber the people living there.

The same is true in a commercial setting. EIoT accounts for over 10 Billion devices, each one of them connected to a network, and capable of being controlled from as far a distance as it’s setup allows. IoT devices are used in every sector of business, from Healthcare to  Transportation, from Manufacturing to Agriculture. The ability to connect to these devices is critical to the success of many software systems.

Armour has a wealth of experience connecting to and working with IoT devices in Industry. We have sent food orders to IP Printers and Till Systems through REST APIs. We have linked Apps to Wearable devices over Bluetooth LE. We have worked with IoT weighting scales, Sat Nav devices and Thin Client Computers. If it has a documented API and is accessible over a network, we can work it!