Strategic Thinking to Create better Products

Armour uses the user-centred design approach for all our projects. We put user needs and business goals at the centre of every design brief. This ensures that we create products that are great to use and achieve our clients objectives.


CRM Integrations

CRM integration is building your application and CRM to function together seamlessly.  Rather than our CRM simply being a system that holds customer information based on manual entries, we can integrate your application so it can import valuable customer data directly into your CRM.  By doing this, if your marketing software is integrated with your CRM, your sales team can easily follow up on leads. In addition to this, your sales team will be able to see exactly when a user visited your site, what they looked at and what other information they requested.





3rd Party APIs

APIs are a vital part of technology these days, and 3rd party API integration plays a very important role in shaping the APIs we use and the experiences we have.  APIs can be used to extend on functionality when it is made available by any 3rd party. This could be anything from mapping services from Google Maps, to tracking services supplied by An Post or DHL.  By utilising these 3rd party features, we can vastly improve on the functionality of an application.





EPOS Integrations

EPOS (electronic point of sale) integration means connecting key business processes through your integrated till system.  We can give your application the functionality to seamlessly integrate into your store stock control, central warehouse and accounting systems with the ability to actively update stock and sales information in real-time giving you full control.





IoT & Devices

Whether it is a wearable medical device, in shop kiosk, till or a printer Armour can integrate with it if the device supports it.





Connected Workflows

By utilising connected workflows, we can enable our designers and developers, along with you, the client, to achieve a smoother, easier and more accurate design-to-development process.  By utilising these systems, we can greatly reduce the overall design and development time needed.