Interactive Prototypes & Proof of Concept (POC) Demo’s 

Armour can assist in the creation and production of a highly visual interactive prototype that can demonstrate the product flow or Proof of Concept (POC). While a POC offers you a model of just one product’s aspect, a prototype is a working model of several aspects of the product. The prototype or POC can be used for various purposes such as raising investment funding, to demonstrate your companies technology, or for validation of ideas. 

Prototypes can be created for all levels of complexity. They can be populated by simulated data, or connected to your data sources through API protocols. Armour’s team has experience in the creation of POC’s that connect and communicate with Data Centre Technology, Telco Infrastructure, IoT devices, MediTech and manufacturing technology. As part of the Prototype & POC process, we can conduct usability testing and UX iterations based on user data and feedback. Interactive Prototypes can also be expanded upon to define a System Requirements Specification by the Product Development team as part of a Needs Analysis.