Working together to make it better

Once your product is live, we work with our clients to ensure that the products achieve their KPIs. We can grow the level of support, and work in partnership with your team.

Service Level Agreements

Once a project has been deployed we can offer ongoing service level agreements (SLA) to maintain and support the product.  We do this to ensure that regular updates are performed to keep technology up to date, secure and complaint.  SLA’s can vary greatly depending on the level of requirements, frequency / level of support and technology stack requirements.  

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Graphic Design

We can continue to support your business requirement by offering design support to insure continuity of the brand and styling that has been created for your digital product across all mediums be it social media, print, press ads, large format print, PowerPoint design and any other design requirements that you may have 

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Digital Partnerships

If your business plans require partnering with a technology house to fulfil its business objects on equity or joint commercial strategy bases Armour can offer this service. Subject to details.  Before entering into any partnerships require: business plans outlining the potential commercial gains, investor deck and outline of the project requirements.

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