How are your Users Engaging with your Product?

Armour’s User Experience (UX) team can evaluate your digital product and understand your User’s Needs, Frustrations, Wants and Desires.  Ultimately the goal of UX design is to create a system that seamlessly works for your customers and business. The first task is to identify the current activities conducted by your users on your product. This would be done using Quantitative research into your existing data sources and analytics. This information acts as a benchmark for the current status of the product. We would work with your team to define the success measurements requirements. 


Usability Testing

We conduct Qualitative Usability Testing, we identify the users into Personas, research into the user’s current behaviours and create User Journey Maps. We would get a number of users from various levels of skill-sets and backgrounds to interact with your product. Our UX team create a set of specific tasks that users are required complete. The user will set about completing these required tasks. Whilst they are doing this they tell the interviewers how they are feeling, what they see, what they are thinking, and vocally express how they find the process. The purpose of this task is to get the users input into how they experience interacting with your website, app or web application. This is to highlight User pain points, emotions and gather opportunities to improve the system. 

Usability Tests are all recorded by means of a microphone, webcam and screen recording tools. This is done to capture the physical emotions and audio descriptions of the user’s feedback while testing the prototype, website, mobile app, or web application. This information is then analysed, documented, and actioned on as required.