User Interviews to understand your User Needs and creating Personas

During the User Experience stage of a project, Armour’s UX team meet with your users or customers to understand their needs, frustrations, desires and wants. We interview a range of users to get a broad picture; typically ranging in level of experience or domain knowledge. From these interviews, we summarise our findings by creating fictional characters (Personas) to represent your potential users. The purpose of this is to gather all the nuggets of information from your users, and to keep the resulting personas in mind throughout the entire design process.


Identifying User Problems to Create Design Solutions

The key to designing any new product is the identification of quantifiable problems. Once these problems have been discovered during the User Personas Process, they can be fixed through a solid design process. User Experience Design is all about problem-solving by creating Design Solutions. We validate these Design Solutions by conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of Prototypes.