Business Needs

Awareness of the needs of a business is a key element of understanding the production of a new digital project. This phase is about Armour’s Product Design team understanding the core Business Requirements; what is required of the new system and where it fits into the current or proposed business process.  For every project, it is necessary to identify the factors critical to success within the Business Need. Armour has a wealth of experience assisting businesses in creating mission-critical digital products. We understand that every project commissioned needs to be profitable and yield a justifiable return to the investing party. We plan for this from the start of a project by asking the questions that matter, and making sure we plan for success. Armour’s management teamwork with the business leaders within your company to design possible operational efficiency improvements.


Business Needs Documentation

As a deliverable of the Needs Analysis, Armour creates a Business Need document that outlines our understanding of the Business Requirements of the project. We also create a project timeline for the next phase deliverable of the project and identify any possible risks.