Design Needs and Documentation

During the Needs Analysis stage of a project, our design team gather all the necessary information to get a high-level understanding of your companies Design Needs. Armour can either work with the key stakeholders to establish a creative direction and brand for your company. During the design, requirements gathering stage, we analyze your existing design material. If you have a solid brand and collateral and are happy to continue using this, we can follow and correctly apply your branding rules. Or if you need assistance in either establishing a new brand or product branding we can assist in doing so. We typically review all your digital and offline design material to understand what level of standards are in place. Front-end websites fall under the Design Requirements analysis if the core of the project is another product or service.


Creative Direction

Armour can establish a creative direction that’s right for your business, to appeal to your target markets and make your business the market leader. Creative direction sets the message tone and design standards which can then be realised through your companies marketing and promotional mediums.


Branding & Logo Design

During the Needs Analysis phase, we determine if Branding is a part of the scope of the project. We can either work to your brand guidelines or create a new brand for you. Your company or product logo is the first building block of your brand, website and all other branding material.


Graphic Design

While your graphic design material isn’t going to be the first deliverable it is probably going to be the last in the project. Once you have your new digital product up and running, Armour’s design team can assist you and your Marketing Team to carry forward the look & feel of the product into your regular design for print production runs. During the Needs Analysis, we establish if there is a need for this service, which we can offer on an ongoing basis post-launch. It also helps us understand the marketing campaigns that you have previously run. These can be reviewed and discussed to find out what has or hasn’t worked in the past.