Creating User Flows to Optimise Processes

During the Research & Planning phase, the UX team can conduct User Flow reviews of existing processes, or design suggested User Flows based on the gathering of User Needs. This is done to identify how users engage with your processes. The creation of User Personas help us to always keep in mind the background and story of a particular type of user. How each Persona engages with your Website, Mobile App or Web Application is outlined through the creation of a User Journey Map. The new processes are illustrated through Wireframes in the Low-Fidelity Wireframe stage. Once this has been tested and improved on, we create High-Fidelity designs for the new User Flow in an interactive User Interface (UI).


Review of existing Task Flows and the creation of a User Journey Map

Our UX team create a set of specific tasks that Users are required complete. The User will set about completing these required tasks. While they are doing this, they tell the interviews how they are feeling, what they see, what they are thinking, and generally verbally and non-verbally express how they find the process. The purpose of this task is to get input from the users into how they experience interacting with your website, app or web application. This is to highlight user pain points, their emotions and gather opportunities to improve the system.