Customer Experience (CX) Design Experts

Armour is an Award-Winning Customer Experience Digital Agency. We believe that a good User Experience and Customer Experience goes hand in glove. How customers engage with your business’s digital experience, and how that ties together with the physical experience, results in the whole customer experience. As part of the Needs Analysis, we conduct onsite research as a customer to understand the physical flow of activities required to fulfil objectives. These experiences get documented, defined and planned for.


Digital Starting Touchpoint CX

For projects that have a digital product as a starting TouchPoint of the CX, we design call to actions that signpost users to do the required actions in the physical environment. This allows the user journey to be both digital and physical. We can plan for this can with interior designers, print studios and client-side project managers to ensure a seamless CX.


Physical Starting Touchpoint CX

For digital products that require a Physical Starting TouchPoint, we can plan for this interaction and how to utilise available technology to assist the onboarding process. Typically the process begins with physical signposts such as Printed Signage, Printed Advertisements, Digital Signage, Wifi Beacon Pushes and GeoLocation Push notifications. We can assist the onboarding process by providing QR codes, Receiving Digital Apps or websites and NFC protocols.