The Best Web Design Agency in Ireland

The Best Web Design Agency in Ireland

Having the H1 title of ” The Best Web Design Agency in Ireland ” is done for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes.  Which brings me on the real subject of making sure your site performs for your business.  To do this it needs to be found in Google and other Search Engines.  We spend a lot of time making sure that we are planning a project we take into consideration the business goals.  Such as how is the digital product to be found, what is the start of the User Journey, and what do we want the customer or user to do when they begin this journey.  What is their user goals?

So as part of this process, we need to identify what the user has come to your site for.  A keyword analysis allows us to find out what search terms people are using to find your site old.  With this information, we can start to plan a page structure or propose new pages.

When planning your SEO strategy the key search terms can be given prominence by creating a dedicated page for that content subject matter – In the case of this blog page the H1 – Tag is “The best Web Design Company in Galway”.  The page title will also reflect this statement.  The URL needs to reflect the content – in this case: When Googlebot’s find this Blog post it reads the content for its originality, tags, and headings.  The bots store this information in the Google impression of the page.  It forms its own impression of what the page is about by a complex scoring system.


Digital Agency Galway

Or for SEO purposes this ‘Digital Agency Galway’ title is H2 Tag.  These lesser of importance Tags are seen as more important than paragraph content, but less important than H1 Tags as above.  This help build key information insight into your page and site.


SEO Tips

The SEO Tips – is an H3 Tag – this has less importance again then an H2 Tag.  However, the Clever designer & Developer can use these lesser of importance Tags to be actually visually larger or more visually important to the User Experience in the Interface Design.  But as far as the Googlebot’s can see it not as important.  So we can create sections of text that don’t affect the SEO performance of the page – but still give a great visual impression to the user.


Website Performance

Another key element to your website SEO performance is how quickly your site loads, how secure it is, does your website work well on mobile devices (responsive design) and a vast range of other factors.

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