ReBuilding Legacy Software for the Modern Digital Environment   

Armour By Granite can assist in the rebuild of your outdated business systems or web applications.  We often find business reliant on outdated technologies to support their daily business activities that can not scale or grow with the business.  These legacy software applications can also have security and compliance issues.  Armour By Granite can supersede these old inflexible products with a modern technology stack and user centre designed frontends.  We start the process by reviewing your current solution and conducting a Needs Analysis.  We take the time to understand the Business Needs.  How the current software solution fits into this and the current constraints experienced.  We also speak to your companies key stakeholders (a  range of experienced employees and possible customers) in a User Needs study.  These are critical to planning for the future success of the system.  The Technical Needs are researched and documented.  We can then plan to build a system that will take your business needs and user needs into consideration and future proof your business expansions plans.


Digital Processes

Whilst understanding the Needs we can assist in reviewing human and machine processes.  Replication and duplication of tasks or time wastages can be discovered.  Once we have identified process problems we can design a technical solution that can significantly improve your business practices and processes.  Removing these process bottlenecks and automating your processes will also reduce costly errors.


Improved Customer & User Experiences

Legacy systems built by engineers or software developers typically have little to no consideration given Users or Customers.  They are functional first and users last.  We can review how your customers and users physically engage with your digital products to understand flows and identify frustrations within the legacy solutions.  We can take this knowledge a design a vastly superior, User First Solution that resolves all the previous issues and frustrations in a clean and considered User Interface.